"what is happening here?"

hi digital being, you might have been confused while clicking from word/number to word/number. i am trying to communicate with you with the alias dvdv. -- figuring out the similarities of a human being to an artificial one. I am trying to make you feel something, anything. --while letting go of my fears and darkest / heaviest & brightest points as my being keeps living. some sounds on my tracks are generated by neuronal nets. the human side of me tries to purely express what is absorbed and denied continuously. it is a lot and complex, but maybe you can somehow relate. I spread my music, videos, downloads, text and mutated code all over this page. Just click on whatever word/number feels fitting to you and I will surprise you. The numbers display the chronological order of when I started the tracks in the past. Also this page will always be updated with new videos and concepts, so i am happy to see you soon back here.