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past events

Munchner Science Fiction Festival & Deutsches Museum, Munich (Germany/2020)
Eufonic Urba, Barcelona (Spain/2020)
Kalibr+ presents Supersonic 199X with CH4INS4W & EDYTH (Kuwait/2020)
Eufonic Festival, Sant Carles de la RĂ¡pita, Barcelona (Spain/2019)
Rozkwit Festival, Warsaw (Poland/2018)
lab30 Festival, Augsburg (Germany/2018)
FRAME at KED, Beirut (Lebanon/2018)
lab30 Festival, Augsburg (Germany/2018)
City Club, Augsburg (Germany/2018)
The Hub, (Kuwait/2018)
H0l0 w/ Warren Wolfe, NYC (New York, 2018)
Lovelace, Munich (Germany, 2017)
Panama Plus Festival, Munich (Germany, 2017)
Mercantia Festival (Italy, 2016)
Onimos Store, Augsburg (Germany, 2016)
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