mountain 00043


Back in January 2018, when the biggest quest was not to lose oneself, this track and video came to life through the help of Warren Wolfe & Joey Emmanuel. This is part of my upcoming album "What is the opposite of ambivalence", releasing on September 21st Get here:

Premiered on Swine Daily with interview:

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Directed & filmed by Joey Emmanuel & Warren Wolfe

Production Assistant: Jenny Quijada


Cut & edit by dvdv

Produced, written & performed by Warren Wolfe & dvdv

Additional writing & violins by Jack Bandarenko


Mixed by Warren Wolfe, dvdv @ Rooms of Kairos, Stephane Lefrancois

Mastered by Stephane Lefrancois

Mixing & Mastering of the album funded by (Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien)