strut 00042


Originally named as the fashion archive "Aro Archive"

Director: Joseph Delaney  

Performance & Choreography: Al/ice/ex  

Director of Photography: Arthur Loveday 

Styling: Ariana Waiata Sheehan 

Produced by : Lez Creative 

Executive producer: Mary Calderwood 

Producer: Joel Spencer 

Mastered by Yoann Feynman from FAKE MUSIC 

Editor: Chris Hutchings @ Cut & Run 

Colourist: Myles Bevan @Time Based Arts 

First Assistant Camera: Toby McKay 

Second Assistant Camera: Laura Sweard 

Clothing from Aro Archive: 

+ ISSEY MIYAKE Charcoal Batwing Coat c.1980 

+ YOHI YAMAMOTO Pour Homme Black Oversized T-Shirt c.2000 

+ COMME DE GARÇONS Brown Wool Jumpsuit c.1980 + COMME DE GARÇONS Brocaded Velvet Coat, A/W 1996