I am open to you



while you scream towards me

while you scream towards me

while you scream towards me



scream into my openness

get absorbed by my empathy

take away my heart


take my trust

use me

believe to abuse me


take it all

try to take it all

steal my effort

steal my time

steal my freedom


how beautiful

how you


remind me that i am you

i am all of you

and i am everything of you

that you are taking away yourself

from yourself

stealing from yourself

abusing yourself

screaming at yourself

not me


reverting hate to love

challenging your entity

and i see you screaming into yourself

making me stronger

energy is energy


and while you fight your inner enemy

let go of the thoughts and open up


to the emptiness that I am and you are

the fullness within forgiving

the love that surrounds you

the fear that embodies you

scream it out

cry it out

and let it all finally go



i am here for you

we are here for you

you are love