This crop formation appeared in the summer of 2016 in Mammendorf, Germany, close to where I live. My cousin wrote me about it and I organized  friends to shoot  footage there within a few days, and found even a person who was filming drone footage right at the place. This all turned into an endless process of re-making, re-re-working the footage and track and at some point I realized it is time to let go and leave it as playful, glitchy and "bug"-ful as it always has been and wanted to be.

Filmed by Johannes Hör in 2016/17

Drone footage by Jost B. 

Edited & Composed by me

Originally co-produced by Orrin

Mixed & Mastered by Yoann Feynman

Special thanks to my best friend Philip Röltgen for transporting us to the crop circle at 5 am and cousin Stefanos & Franzi for the immediate info about this formation.

Thanks to Kalibrplus always



death and darkness 
is your saviour 

painful awareness 
is my desire 

how can i keep on doing this 
how can i keep on doing this 

your heart 
is a chaotic structure 
your peace is so distant 

you feel alone 
you feel lost 
but your heart is warm 
your life is here 

how can i keep on doing this 
how can i keep on doing this 

its feeding/eating all my consciousness

keep 00032.5